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Laurence Shatkin, PhD

Career information expert, author, interactive system developer

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I maintain a blog here (roughly) every Wednesday.

I cross-post the above content at my blog on this useful site.

The blog is also cross-posted here.

In April 2010, I was invited to write a guest blog for theEveryday Money site, part of MSN Canada.
I've parked this graphic here for use in one of my blog entries. It shows the average annual percentage rate of
 layoffs and discharges in several major industries over the previous decade, according to the Department of 
Labor's Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey. It reveals which industries proved to be more or less stable 
during the recent recession.

Here's another graphic I've parked here to use in a blog. It shows the job growth that the BLS projects for the occupations where graduates of various kinds of college majors are employed. The connection between majors and occupations is based on the actual number of grads found by the 2003 National Survey of College Graduates.

This graphic shows the earnings (in 2010 dollars) of grads from various college majors.

Here's one more, this time showing the job satisfaction of grads from various college majors.

This graph shows how closely STEM and non-STEM grads feel their current job is related to their college major:

Here's still another, showing the reasons why grads of STEM and non-STEM majors are not working in the field of their bachelor's degree:

This graphic shows how high- and low-skill occupations are growing, while middle-skill occupations are not:

Here are some more graphics, illustrating changing employment in major industries: